Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starting Over (Yet Again) Version 5.5

You know I always used to look at other blogs that sat for a while with no new entires and thought to Myself man what a looser.  A few lines about something relevant at least once a week.  How hard could it be, right?  Oh, what little I knew, as now I am that looser who last made a post before Halloween.

Truth be told I have been on the pretty slow track; reworking, reworking and reworking again that bane of My existance, the "defenative" version of the beginning of Shadows Of The Night: Comes The Dark Storm.  (Okay, I have to admit that after having it for a couple of months it seems like the title is going to definately stick.)  One major problem I realized I had was that I was trying to retro work all existant characters from the later three volumes of the story into the new first volume.  I toyed with the idea of sidelining later major characters for a couple of weeks, because just the first chapter to introduce a majority of the major characters was bordering on 100 pages and I was still working to get quite a few of them worked in.  So I set about the work of making a cast of thousands into a cast of dozens, a feat made slightly more difficult with the addition of several more major characters who will be mainly relevant to the first volume of the story.

Everyone who is a true major character through the series will not be pushed into the background, the people who have read The Echoes Of Yesterday, Whispers Of Darkness and The Zombie Dance (Lisa, Scott, Shain, Kevin and the ex-old lady) will see the most familiar characters of each melded into a consistent story.
In some ways Comes The Dark Storm will be two concurent and slightly connected stories.  One will focus on the life of the city (Ariana) through the major characters, Benny Hawkins, Mary Petri, Ralph Bloodworst, Julie Wentworth, Terry Cardenas, Onna Draven and Peter Janeway.  The second story will revolve around a monster and a mystery and involve major characters old and new: William Fronton, Cynthia Danesti, Michelle Jessel, and Sandy Bozeman.

I also decided to extend the prologue from a couple of scenes to giving the history of Ariana and its monster from its founding in the 1800's through the late 1980's where the story opens.  Now the prologue is a little long, but I feel its length necessary to set up the story.  I think I am getting pretty much to the end of the prologue and should be starting Chapter One this week.

In the past few weeks I have picked up a few things I have always dreamed of having, and getting them has helped Me along greatly, as they were things I wanted through those early years of writing those first drafts of Whispers Of Darkness.  At long last I have every Kiss album released (with the exception of the Wicked Lester Demo, the lastest reworks, and the Japanese special editions that have come out over the past few years).  In addition I finally got a new copy of the Black Roses soundtrack (at last on CD!), which I used to listen to all the time.  (The tape got the squeals and died on Me after only a year, and in the past few years I have been in quite a few obscene bidding wars for copies of the CD or vinyl that I always lost).  I also managed to get both Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums, Peter Criss's Out of Control and Ace Frehley's Anomaly.

Black Roses Has One Of The Most Coveted Heavy Metal Soundtracks.
In a majority of stories, at some point, music comes into play, wheter it be Room And Broad For The Night: Cheap, where the narrator is listing to certain CDs as he begins and ends his tale, or Bunny Holes which retells an Easter  BDSM scene set to various pieces of music (have I ever mentioned how many times I listened to The Chicken Dance to know exactly how many beats there were to correspond with a paddling?).  As I worked away on Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE I realized that the story was lacking music, coming to the understanding it was done with a purpose, since in the beginning of her journey Heather Ford's life lacks music (that drummer's beat).  It is not until the final chapters of the story that music comes into the story, and that background music will continue on through the rest of her journey, getting a little "louder" as she becomes more involved and alive.

Since Shadows Of The Night follows a group of teens in their last years of high school music is an important part of the background, as music is often a driving force among people at that age.  I have decided to make music become an even stronger connection to the friends and groups of friends within the story.  Now resetting the storyline to zero I have the ability to dictate new aspects to the lives of the characters I would have never though of 20 years ago.  Having everyone just being in the same school and the same clique is all too convienent.  Through the early chapters I intend to show the genisis of the clique of characters throught their interraction with various garage bands, taking them from being people with common intrest and down the roads of friendship.

In particular Peter Criss, the Catman himself, has been the most help.  True he is the member of Kiss with the least amount of solo material (or at least the least amount available to Me), but there's something about his voice and that jazzy/honky-tonky sound he favors that makes him pretty unique considering the harder sound that the group and its former member have all been known for.  (And I am on the look out for Cat #1 and One For All as I have not been able to locate them.)  Hard Luck Woman and Easy Thing are songs that will have major impacts on the lives of two characters and that impact should continue on throughtout the entire series.  Catman's solo album and Out Of Control are loaded first in My CD player, so they are the first things I listen to when I set out to work, so thanks Mr. Criss for being My leading musical inspiration of the moment.

From Hard Luck Woman To Out of Control To Beth All Hail The Catman!

What's next?

Well getting that prologue finished for starters.  That and catching up on reading.  I've severely neglected catching up on reading anyone else, even My favorite, Mistress Bunny12 over at (two heads one brain).  I love her poems because they speak to Me like no others, and feel bad about not catching up with them as it really does not take very long to get a few in.  Plus She is on My required reading list, so if you are reading this I require you to go to lush and check her out.

So you go and read, and I am going to write.

Master Vyle

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