Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Ain't Scared Of Plagerizers Or Amazon.Com!

Throughout the day I have had a chance to "chat" back and forth with several writers.  I did not realize that the information about "Misstess" Ana Phylaxis, a plagerizer posing as a writer who has been stripping stories off of Literotica.com and other sites to sell as her own on Amazon.com though their Kindle device had been relatively slow in getting out.  In fact the information is about a week old.  Amazon.com is still peddling her wares, although I only sent information to them on Sunday, if anyone else has sent information (and from the look of things she is a pretty well known plagerizer) it seems to Me that Amazon has been extremely slow to react.  It seems especially slow considering the fact that the #1 No-No for Kindle submissions is hardcore porn, which many of these stories are.

How am I so sure they're hardcore?  Well trust Me, I wrote Fungi, one of the works in question.  In that story a woman has hot and nasty, jizz shooting everwhere sex, with a male friend on the hood of his car and is later drugged and raped by a mushroom monster.  Yeah, kiddies, it don't get much more hardcore than that without being banned or posted on trashy anything goes sites.

I have to admit I am a little saddened when I think about it.  I wonder why Literotica did not make more of an effort to contact the writers effected.  Alex Severin, who first reported the problem and deserves much more credit than Me, sent a comprehensive list of stolen works and authors to Literotica, but instead of telling us outright they posted it in forums, which is a pretty effective burial.  It was through a direct message via twitter from My friend Nicola Matthews that I became aware that this was going on.

Now as I have spread the word throughout the day I have heard back from several other writers from Literotica.  As of yet none of them has been effected by this plagerism, yet they are all planning on peitioning Literotica to have all of their stories pulled from the site.  Personally I do not think it is the way to go, however if it happens maybe Literotica will have more of a fire lit under them when it comes to letting their contributers know that someone is stealing their work, which they offer to the site for free, for profit.

Am I scared?  Not in the least.  I'm not scared of plagerizers like "Mistress" Ana Phylaxis or Rebecca Giesel, or whatever the fuck her real name is.  (Thieving Will Fuck Anyone For Crack Rocks Butta-Face Douchenog, is the one I would personally give her).  If you have to steal, especially from Me, then you have no imagination.  If you have no imagination, then there is no way you could ever hope to prove you wrote Fungi.  Yes I stated before I know the ins and outs of the story.  However there is also the matter of physical evidence: Early drafts, old copies, etc.

Am I scared of Amazon.com?  Nope.  I'm no more scared of Amazon than I am of plagerizers.  I have the truth on My side.  If it takes saying Amazon.com and Kindle to make people aware that their works are being stolen and sold for profit than I am far from done saying them.  Like the plagerizers Amazon needs to be shaking in its collective boots because they are facilitating the plagerism and apparently not working fast enough to shut this "Misstress" Ana Phylaxis down, and if there's one cockroach selling other people's works on Amazon through Kindle for a profit than there are surely more.

So, basically (and I'm gonna say it like Oprah taught Me) I ain't scar'd!  I'm not scared of plagerizers, so I am not going to pull My stories from Literotica or any other sites.  I ain't scared of Amazon.com.  Their Kindle screeners should do their damn job, and it would have kept a lot of this from happening (Rule #1: No hardcore porn can be published through Kindle, their rule and not Mine).  So if it takes saying over and over something to the effect of "Plagerizer selling stolen stories through Amazon.com's Kindle", I am going to keep saying it until this Becky Douchenog is back to turning tricks on skid row.

"If you pull your stories from Literotica then the plagerizers win!" - Master W. Vyle

Master Vyle


  1. You're right. I wasn't stolen from, but that doesn't mean someone else out there in pervyland isn't saying, "These are my words" instead of giving me credit. I didn't ask for money; just a little satisfaction in making someone smile.

    we must post, repost, and pass on anything to run this person/creature out of Amazon or anywhere she goes to steal from us and from our hearts more than our wallets.

    Blessings ~

  2. Thanks for your support AFare. You're another one of those unsung heroes in all this as I found Alex's message posted on your blog this morning. As long as someone is making money off My free work I'm going to btich really loudly about it, and since for the moment the ball is pretty much in Amazon's court I'm gonna be calling their name.

    -Master Vyle