Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Neither A Dominant, Nor A Writer

On Sunday I got a rather nasty surprise to begin the New Year with.  I learned that one of My short stories, Fungi, had been ripped off of Literotica.com and was being sold as part of a story collection on Amazon.com through its Kindle device.  Needless to say plagerism is not a form of flattery.  I have filed My complaint with Amazon, but upon reviewing the number of others she has plagerized it is apparent that not all the other authors are aware, or else I think Amazon would have pulled everything from this "author" by now.  I think it is also apparent that Amazon does not review eletronic submissions sold through their Kindle devices, as Fungi is a hardcore erotic horror story, and the #1 thing not allowed to be sold through Kindle is hardcore pornography.

I thank My good friend and fellow writer Nicola Matthews for helping to make Myself aware that this is happening, and for spreading the news to as many people as she can.

To "Mistress" Ana Phylaxis, whoever the hell you are, I offer this warning.  I will not rest until I know who you are and sit across from you in a court of law.  I first wrote this story in 1995 and there is a great deal of unique knowledge I have about this story and its backstory that I, as it's author have, and you , as its plagerizer, do not.  Please, please, when the time comes do not take the fifth or plead guilty.  I want to see you squirm as you try to make up the details of how this story came about, as it's obvious that the only thing you ever made up is your stupid pseudonym, and even that has been used by at least 1,000 in the past decade as a screen name.  You are neither a Dominant, nor a writer, because were you either you would have a much greater respect for other people and the craft they have put a great deal of their lives into.

If you are a Literotica writer, or any writer of erotic horror, who wants to know what stories have been used in this person's collections, and she has a lot of them, I have posted the link to the forum reguarding this subject at Literotica below.


Let's put this lazy cunt making a profit off of stories we all posted for free out of business!

Master Vyle


  1. *sniffles* Awww, you mentioned my name. And you are quite welcome. I hope you bury the hag. I did a search of her "publishing" house and discovered yet another pseudonym. That brings the pen name count up to 9. She is also on LinkedIn under one of those names, I just can't remember which one. I have been quietly researching each of her names trying to find out if there are other pen names and additional plagiarized works. The web of deceit this woman has weaved is beyond belief!

    Good luck MV. I hope this woman gets what's coming to her.

  2. Well I have been getting too much credit as a whistle blower in this case, because unfortunately not many people are doing anything with the information. I suppose when people see words like Amazon.com and Kindle it suddenly gets their attention.

    First and foremost Alex Severin deserves creidt for doing her best to let everyone know and compiling a very comprehenshive list of stolen works. Then without you I would not have known that this was going on. So far I have found one other source on twitter who has mentioned this.

    If you know Alex please pass along the thanks of a great many people.

    -Master Vyle