Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: His Voice, His Command by Vonna Harper

Okay, you see the cover, and you probably know what I was thinking before I even got to the first line of text.  Yep, another piece of cheese from Ellora's Cave.  And yeah, that's what I was thinking.  However, once I got into this little short story His Voice, His Command by Vonna Harper, I found out I was oh, so wrong.

Once you get past Ellora's Cave little legal blurb about how apparently the hold the word Quickies as a registered trade mark you're dropped right into the middle of a little scene between business woman, Rina Richards, and an un-named dominant man in a locked room from which Rina knows she can't escape.  It's a short and sweet tale of a strong person in their real life letting go and sexually submitting.  Plus did I mention it was HOT?  Yes, this story really spoke to Me, and even the fact that you're probably going to figure out that her captor is either a man-whore or a dominant for hire before the end of the story does nothing to detract from it.

This damn sure ain't no "Erotic Romance" by any stretch of the imagination, and it makes One wonder why Ellora's Cave published it in the first place, because it doesn't fit in with the moldy cheese fare I've read from them so far.  In My opinion it's a fucking crime that this story is being given away for free.  Looking on Amazon and a couple of other sites the story has gotten mixed reviews, I'm sure many of the bad one coming from people actually looking for that Erotic Romance cheese, the same way most people rate Loving Wives stories poorly on Literotica.Com because they don't understand it's hot wives and cuckolds and not faithfully loving wives.  For Me personally this was a Five Star effort all the way.

I loved the About The Author section at the end which reveals that she has a great sense of humor and does not take herself or her writing deadly seriously.  His Voice, His Command has Me ready for more stories from Vonna Harper, and at the moment the only problem I seem to have is narrowing down which one I want to read next.

His Voice, His Command is available for free for eReaders and PC download:
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You can check out more from Vonna Harper on her website:

Be sure to check her out, and add this little BDSM gem to your collection!

Master Vyle

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