Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallowing The Fields

As many of you already know I finally finished writing The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE a few weeks before the end of the summer.  Just this past week I finished editing the final few chapters for posting on Literotica.com (though Chapters Six through Twenty-Five need to be reedited to match the presentation of One through Five and Twenty-Six through Thirty, but that can wait a little bit).  Between the re-editing for itallics on Literotica and number framing so it can be posted on Storiesonline.net I will have to at some point spend more time with the story, but for right now I am taking a break from it.  I am also probably going to wait at least until the summer before I begin any work on the second book in the series.

I have had a lot going on lately.  Aside from My writing and trying to get a few stories out there for the Halloween season I have had a lot on My plate.  My dad had his fourth heart surgery in less than ten years, My wife was finally (after three years) diagnosed with a blockage in her airway which turned out to be scar-tissue (stressed for weeks waiting for an answer worried it was throat cancer) and My oldest son, who lives half the continent away was in an automible accident.  Plus there has been an inventory period going on at work on the midst of everything else.  So I have reached the point where I have been pushed to My limits mentally, emotionally and physically.

As hard for Me as it is to do, as an obsessive-compulsive, I am doing My best to step back and take a break from any new projects.  I do have My spooky lighthouse erotic horror novel that I want to work on, and I would like to do at least one erotic story for the Christmas season, but other than those, and maybe another last minute piece or two for Halloween I really do not want to start several brand new projects.  I just feel pretty much burned out.

It is times like this when as an author you let a field go fallow so you go back to another that has been sitting and waiting for a while.  It is good to go back to projects that have been sitting for a little bit, because it is less stressful than working on a totally new story.  It is also good to go back to old stories that can be reworked, rewritten or mined for ideas.

My novella The Zombie Dance is one I have considered working on, but I decided to wait on it a little longer as I am looking back over the parent stories it is spun-off from and I need to see where they are going before I revise The Zombie Dance so that the stories will work together to tell the same story.  The initial series has been undergone several changes over the years.  The first novel I wrote was Whispers Of Darkness, which once I was finally done always displeased Me because I felt like I was starting too far away from on ongoing story instead of the beginning.  Eventually I wrote a prequel called The Echoes Of Yesterday, but in the end I got that same feeling of not really getting started, introducing the characters as though the reader knew all about them instead of being just introduced to them.  I had begun the first novel at the very end of 1989, then worked on it and its prequel and partially written sequel The Reconstruction,
until 1999.  (Yeah 10 years and kind of getting nowhere).  Then about three years ago I revisited the story again for about 100 pages of what seemed to be the right track, a definative beginning point with the intention of totally rewriting and reworking everything that had come before.  It was tentatively titled The Oncoming Storm, after a phrase from Doctor Who, but I have now decided to rename it The Gathering Storm.  The overall series titles was The Auburndale Chronicles, which was later changed to The Racine Chronicles, but which three years ago I decided to change to Shadows Of The Night.

I will be looking over those first 100 pages of The Gathering Storm today, deciding where I might want the story to go from there.  I will also be looking over several short stories like The Rocking Chair, Bleeders and The Dinner Guest to see where I might want to go with them as well.  I think it might be good to take a few days to relax and tend to some of those fields that have been fallow for a while so that the fields I have been working so hard lately have a chance to grow a little more fertile.

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