Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 I Barely Knew Ya'

Well another year has come and gone and so much has happened.  In some ways it's hard to believe how far I have come in such a short amount of time.  Through some ups and downs I have been living the dream.  At last I have an audience of more than one or two readers, and whenever I stop to think about it I have to say that it feels awsome.

It's sometimes hard to believe that it all started one day when while I was sitting at home and had the though: Hey, there could be a site that publishes erotic stories online.  I did a search on the spot and came up with a long list of sites that did, and at the right price (for free).  It took a couple of days to choose which one seemed to be right, and about a week of determining what My formatting problem was, but eventually I came home one afternoon to find My two oldest erotic short stories, Older Is Bedder and Descent To Venus posted on  And of course not only did I have my first two stories published, but I also had an inbox full of fanmail.

For the first time in a long time I felt alive and inspired as a writer.  That was back in March, and I have not regretted My decision to publish online.  Since that time I have turned out several poems and short stories.  I have edited and updated old stories that have been collecting dust for years.  Most importantly I saw the completion and publication of My first erotic novel, Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE.

Of course not everything has been smooth going.  My relationship with Literotica was a rocky one during the middle of the year as I felt My Watching April Series was miscatagorized on purpose so that the readership which found it would trash it, which they did.  I published one response essay, Loving Wives Is Meant To Be Ironic, which generated much talk and some intellegent discussion on why cuckold stories were given such a narrow view.  However I had a problem getting the poems @nonymous @sshole and Loving Wife Comments posted as I was told it would upset the sites "good" readers.

During this time I began to mirror post to and became a tweeter on Twitter.  I caught the eye of Nicola, the founder of and after a warm invitaion I took the bulk of My new works there, as well as submitting original work on Gay Males and Crossdressers to  With Lush I found community and great friends, although not everything was totally perfect.  Lush, while nice and hot caters to the nice nice, so My horror stories and future volumes of Heather's Journey, I knew, would need another home.

Shoping around for other sites, both erotic and non-erotic, I found that most other story sites were lacking.  A great many were accepting of stories, but they had almost zero readership.  I was invited to join a site that was just starting up, by Lisa, its founder.  The idea of getting in on the ground floor of a new site was exciting.  However the reality of Xxxreplay was that administration was pretty much a non-entity and that the lunatics were running the asylum.  There was little writing and posting going on there, and instead it was filled with people trolling for sex, so I bid them farwell and began this blog to help get Myself a little more exposed.  I also discovered, but as well found administration absent and the worst of the worst treatment toward site authors, so I left there rather quickly as well.

In October I patched up My differences with Literotica after I became aware that they were at great pains when it came to rejecting My short story As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Young.  They admitted they wanted the story, but were afraid that the subject matter was a little too touchy.  Since then I have published a couple of horror stories through them, and was even contacted about making sure A Letter To Doctor Freudstein was welcome in their Halloween Story Contest.

As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Young found life on  Now I have several poems there and have made a few friends there as well as on their sister site,  So little by little I have met other people with simular interest who are writers as well.

In October I made the decision to give what began as a one off novel that had grown into a series both on paper and in My head a new beginning.  Slowly I have worked and reworked the first part of what will be called Shadows Of The Night: Comes The Dark Storm into the beginning of the series.  I am slowly working on Chapter Two and sure that momentum will build through the remainder of the year as I work all the threads from past volumes and notes together.  I most ceratinly have the beginning and the end of the novel and its series in My head, all that's left it to tie everything together with a middle/

So what's next?  What do I have going on other than Comes The Dark Storm?

Well I do have several things in mind, but time will tell whether I get them done, or even do any work on them at all.  This past year one thing I have learned is not to make promises, even to one's self about meeting deadlines.

I have been working on a New Year's themed story this past week entitled A Resolution Quickly Realized that I would like to get done and posted while it is still timely.  I would hate for it to have to wait for next year to roll along like the short story I have intended to do for the past Fourth Of July, Firecracker, FIRECRACKER!

I would like to finish a novella I started early on this past year, Louise's Honeymoon Suite Surrogate, about a mature woman who discovers the joys of becoming a hot wife.  I would also like to do more work on a horror novel I began in September about a haunted lighthouse called It Beacons.  My wife and several fans would like to see Heather's Journey continue, and I do hope to begin some writing on Heather's Journey: The Manual Of Discipline sometime before the end of the summer.  Plus I began another story at the end of this past summer, a Doctor Who fanfic novel I call Dr. Who Goes There.

Will I get as much done this year as I did last year?  I would love to, but since there are so many larger works I would like to work on I am not sure if I will have the time.  I have hundreds of short story ideas in My head, not to mention series like Watching April and BBW Venera that I want to add too.

So 2010 farewell.  I feel like I barely knew you, but I did get a lot accomplished in you.

Welcome 2011.  Hopefully you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Master Vyle

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