Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye-Bye XXXReplay

Several months ago I was sought out by a new story site by the name of xxxreplay, who's owner was interested in My work after she came across Balcony Diddling on another site.  I was made pretty estatic by the idea of submitting to a site that was just starting up and getting in on the ground floor.  I joined the site and submitted several stories, hoping to send some original work their way later in the year.

After submitting many stories to xxxreplay I began to notice, that upon review, the voting and viewing setting were continually being switched off, so that no one could read anything.  Then I realized that several of My stories were sitting there, while the poems moved quickly.  Figuring that there was a glitch I deleted the stagnated stories and resubmitted one of them.  Now it has sat for over a month without an acceptance, a rejection, or a kiss our asses.

The site has a blog on twitter, but I have only seen maybe three tweets there since the site was founded at the beginning of the summer.  So I made My decision to pull My stories from the site and to delete My account, seeing how the site administration seems to be a non-entity and that the stories section is frought with problems.

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