Monday, March 14, 2011

Please Stand By! Works In Progress!


Okay.  I know I've been unusually quiet over the past few days, but I am still here and kicking.  It may look as if I have been drawing blanks, but I assure you I've been hard at work, and am very excited about Meet The Author's night over on Nicola Matthews site on Friday.

I've been doing a great deal of reading, and yes I know I haven't posted any reviews.  Most of My time has been devoted to working on the Fungi collection.  I finished Story One, and am now working on Story Two which has been a pretty gut wrenching experience as there have been recent developments that not only put the story in focus and gave it direction, but have also made Me decide to put quite a bit more of Myself into a story than I usually do.

About a week ago I intercepted a tweet regarding censorship, and arrest made at a Spanish film festival where they were screening a movie known as A Serbian Film.  I weighed in on the comments section of the blog it had been posted from, giving My views on censorship and how often the "Moral Majority" likes to blur the lines between obscene and illegal just to suit their purposes.  That done I researched the film, getting a blow by blow synopsis on wikipedia and was pretty much appalled at the content of the film, and found Myself wishing to a certain extent I had not spoken on censorship before knowing more about the movie itself.

Okay, every 20 or 30 years a movie comes along the people scream to have banned for one reason or another.  The fervor usually passes after five years or so, social views of the content change, the film becomes acceptable, and everyone says, "Well, that wasn't so bad.  What was the big deal anyway?"

Let Me assure you, if this film goes that way then the human race deserves extinction. 

Yes, I gave the film the benefit of the doubt.  I figured the hype, despite the synopsis, was probably undeserved.  So, unable to help Myself I obtained a copy of the film to see for Myself.  For the past five days I've tasted nothing but bile in My mouth 24/7.  In My life there are several things I wish I could undo, and seeing this film is one of them because it had opened the doors to some of the real horrors of My life and I find that the only way to get any relief is to write it out.  Right now I feel sickened with Myself for having to know.

I know that usually hardcore horror films appeal to us guys, and over the past weekend I have seen stories that indicate that this piece of filth is actually going to get a theatrical release here in the U.S., although I can't even imagine how it could be cut enough to make it into even an NC-17 rated film.  All I want to say, because if you really have to know you can find a synopsis somewhere, is if you have a wife and children and you love them do not see this film.  It's the worst thing I have ever seen made for the screen.  It's heartless and hopeless, and anyone who could watch this filth and enjoy it needs to be locked away.

What I have to say, indirectly,  about the film and it content and creators, will all find voice in Story Two of the Fungi collection.

On a more positive note in regards to Story Two I will be giving cheap pops and mad props to Nicola Matthews and Alex Severin within the story.  I suppose as a way of making up for the fact that I have yet to review the stories of  theirs I recently finished.

Be sure to join Nicola and Myself for Meet The Authors Night on her site.  You can find all the details a few post below.  We have our fingers crossed for a big turn out, and hope to "see" you there.



  1. Keep on writing, and let the words flow. I can see what you mean about "A Serbian Film"; just the trailer is enough to make you sick much less alone wonder the real depths of depravity we can sink to as a race.

    I wish you the best on your continued writing and hope you're gonna break through that block.

  2. I took your advice and stayed away from the film. I don't handle horror flicks well or things that touch that deep dark place within my mind. I often wonder how much the envelope will be pushed and how willingly the public will be to stand back and allow themselves to be bowled over. I don't mean in a cattle sort of way, but ... I almost feel as if we're becoming so desensitized to things around us.

    Please please continue your writing. :) I always enjoy reading you.