Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Read: Getting Intimate by Victoria Blisse

Getting Intimate by Victoria Blisse
Victoria Blisse was one of the first erotic writers I found through twitter, so we have occasionally tweeted at each other since about November, and in that time I had a chance to look over a couple of her short stories and stories in progress.  I really loved her subject, in most cases the everyday, average, BBW, so she was always on My wish list of writers I wanted to read, and I even went as far as to tell her that Getting Intimate was on My wish list once I had some spare cash.  So it goes without saying that it was one of the first things that I downloaded to My new Kindle once I got it home.

I did not know until I started reading that Getting Intimate was the second book in a series called Getting Together, the first being Getting Physical, but it does not detract from the reading experience, and it is fairly easy to catch up.  Getting Together is the story of John and Terri, and handsome but insecure man and a similarly insecure BBW, who meet while working out at the gym.  The first book relates their initial meeting, and in the second book things are getting a little rocky.

What makes Getting Intimate such a great read is the fact that I think anyone who picks it up can relate to the thoughts and emotions of both characters.  The story alternates from both of their view points in first person.  Through a series of of misunderstandings the couple comes close to  breaking things off, and as in real life the misunderstandings are amplified out of proportion due to their insecurities.

A bonus for Me was that Terri and John play out a little proto-BDSM scene where there is experimenting and switching of roles going on, all teasingly and respectfully done.  (Oh, Victoria, I had no idea....LOL).

If you love hot sex and hot romance in which the characters seem real and are not a bunch of ultra-confident supermodels then Getting Intimate and I am sure the other books in the series for you.  Victoria let Me know that there is one more final book coming to complete the series to which I questioned, "Why stop there?"  She admitted the she really liked Terri and John, so there was still the possibility she might not be done with them after three stories, and I have to say after reading Getting Intimate I sure hope not.  Now Getting Physical and the forthcoming sequel are on My wish list, as well as another story, Reluctant Muse.

Of course Victoria has quite the catalogue, which is enough to keep Me busy for a while, however she's still so good that I just have to say, Keep 'Em Cuming!

Master Vyle


  1. Thank you very much for taking time out to review me! I'm glad you enjoyed Getting Intimate and like my characters almost as much as I do!

  2. With such well written and real characters who wouldn't like them ;)