Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crude Michael Jackson Joke #MichaelJackson

I was reading the paper while I was on break this morning when I realized it was the second anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.  Just to give some background I've always made these little South Parkesque Michael Jackson noises, like "He-Heeeeeee" and "Chumona", in the early mornings, but since his death it has become a daily thing.

Anyway, once I got back from break I went into the office and did a "He-Heeeeee" and announced to my coworker, Marco that it was the second anniversary of Jackson's death.

Marco said, "He ain't really dead.  He just did that so that he can have his privacy, get a normal job and be able to molest all the little boys he wants."

I replied, "Yeah, do you think he became a Catholic priest?"

Master Vyle

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