Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hearing Those Words, "I Bought Your Book"!

Today I reached a milestone, and it was a surreal moment that left Me feeling giddy for the rest of the day.  August 25, 2011, is the day I heard the words I had dreamed of hearing from the moment I first sat down and wrote a story that wasn't a part of a school assignment.  I've dreamed about it and imagined how it would come for 25 years, how it would sound, what that moment would be.  Of course it came out of the blue, and I was totally unprepared for it.

"I bought your book."

This was said to Me by a member of the management team at work, someone I felt pretty unlikely to buy or read My available works so far because of their adult nature.  I learned that she knew I was published a couple of weeks ago, and when she first mentioned buying one I did warn her that they were all erotic in nature.  She said she would wait for Me to write a horror novel, just in case she found reading erotica from someone she knew to be a little too weird.

She changed her mind, however, informing Me as I was on My way out the door.

"Which one?," I asked.

"The one with the big blond woman on the front."

Already giddy, excited and taken off guard the only thing I could think of to say was, "That's My wife on the cover."

She tried to apologize, thinking she had offended Me, but I explained that, and actually said that, I was feeling a little giddy.  It was unexpected.  I had seen comments online before, and "chatted" through print online, have even been read by a high school classmate, but never before had anyone said to Me, face to face and in person, "I bought your book."

Of course it isn't the monetary gain that I was fixated on.  I had not been expecting trumpets or grandier (things of course I had dreamed of early on).  But just hearing it period, after so many years of being content that writing was only going to be a private hobby, made Me feel that I had made it.  I achieved a forgotten goal.  I have mentioned before that My intention was not to let another year pass without making a royalty check, which is already an accomplished goal, but I have to admit that I really had not set any others, aside from the hope of finishing a couple of projects.  Even reworking and publishing A Day In The Life Of Abagail King as a fully fledged novel was a spur of the moment decision.

So here I am, a goal and a desire accomplished, out of the blue and with no warning.

"I bought your book."

Would I like to hear it again, and again?

Yes, of course.

However, I seriously doubt that any time that I hear it after today that it's going to have the giddiness inducing and somewhat humbling effect that it did that first time.

Thanks Sarah!

Master Vyle

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  1. :-) Congratulations! I downloaded the sample, actually. I recall mentioning that to you on Twitter when we first met, that it wasn't my thang - but then I read Eden's work and what the hell. lol. It's intriguing so far, so when I do - I will come back on here and your FB and say "I bought your book!" Formulating a shopping list of e-books on Amazon and prefer to get them all at once!