Thursday, October 14, 2010

Skeleton Belaton: The Icon Of Master Vyle

After over half a decade I have decided to replace the hands cuffed to collar avatar I have been using in favor of something a little more personal.  The picture I found somewhere long ago when looking up pictures of collared submissives, and now I am not sure where, or even if that where still exist.  After the fall of Yahoo (when it stopped being cool or any kind of fun for people who liked to chat with like-minded people) when they removed pictures from being directly on the site I decided to use it as an avatar so I would have something to look at when I chatted with  My friends through Yahoo Messenger.


Since then I have used the hands cuffed to collar picture everywhere.  It has been My profile picture on almost every site that I have ever joined.  It has been My avatar picture on various sites as well as My forum signature.  Earlier this year in Lush Forums I even said that the hands cuffed to collar picture was how everyone knew Me.  It has been My calling card since 2004.

So why change now?


Well a big reason is I am getting into kind of a horror mode, and not that it sends out the wrong impression, but some people wonder, "Well if that guy's a Master then why does he have a pic of a chick by his name?"

So I decided to go with the guy who I have pretty much been building as the icon of House Of Master Vyle over the past month, Skeleton Belaton.

Now who is Skelaton Belaton you might ask?

Skeleton Belaton in some ways is an idea from My past.  I would even go so far as to say that he was the first character I ever created.  I came up with the name by making up a word to rhyme with skeleton, probably when I was four or five years old.  Growing up in the 70's skeletons always said spooky to me, probably due to the fact that I grew up on Doctor Paul Bearer's Creature Feature.  I loved skeletons and skulls then, and I still do now.


There have been several incarnations of Skeleton Belaton over the years, but the latest, the one pictured on the site, was a full sized latex and foam skeleton from the gift shop at the end of the Pirates Of The Carribean ride.  He was My favorite Halloween decoration of all time, but the elements quickly took their toll on him.  When I pulled him out of storage for the second year he was cracking and sticking together from the heat, so I got the idea to wrap him in some "spooky" Halloween fabric like a mummy and then cover him with spider webs.  This helped him last for three more years until being replaced where he always hung on the front gutter by Captain Gol D. Roger.

Now I am in a position to look at him every day, and I could not think of a more fitting tribute to the late Skeleton Belaton than to use him as the icon for Myself and My blog.  I have had it in mind to actually write the story of Skeleton Belaton, detailing the origin of the idea and how his other incarnatons came about.  I am sure I have not seen the last, or should I say, used the last of him.  I have no doubt the sometime in the future a new skeleton is going to inherit the Skeleton Belaton title, but for now I am waiting for him to come along.


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  1. Now I know where it comes from. I always remember you on twitter just because of the avatar. Congratulations on your book. Have to go to the pirates ride and get me one.

    Draven Ames