Friday, January 14, 2011

PLAGIARISM UPDATE: VICTORY "Misstress" Ana Phylaxis Last "Work" Removed From!

Victory at last.  "Mistress" Ana Phylaxis's last "work" has now been removed from, and hopefully the dirty thieving bitch gets the message.  Hopefully as well will never do business with this person again, but that remains to be seen as whatever punishment they deam worthy is "Top Secret".

To everyone who was affected by this plagiarizer and struck back to get her wares off of Amazon, good job.  Never be afraid to fight back when some takes something you worked long and hard on so they can make a profit.

I hope you're really feeling it Rebecca Geissler or Becky Bick or whatever the hell your name is.  Oh, and as they say, The best is yet to come, because you can bet your theiving and unimaginative ass that I rarely forgive, and I NEVER forget.

Master Vyle

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