Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shifting Gears? Gear Secondo!

Over the past few days, with everything that has been going on I began to investigate how self-publishing through's Kindle worked.  Although some of the tutorials that Amazon has posted on YouTube are so jumbled and boring they make Me want to saw My own balls off with a butterknife I found the whole process relatively simple.  After thinking about it I discussed the idea with My wife, the lady Vyle, and she agreed with My ultimate conclusion, that if someone could use this method to rip Me off and make a profit from it, then why shouldn't I?

Yeah, okay. It's getting into bed with the "enemy", or it least in as much as getting into bed with a company more interested in (it seems) stretching it's own profits as far as they will go instead of quickly removing the library of a know plagiarist.  Then again what makes that different from any other job?

No, I'm not happy with Amazon, but as far as being published their Kindle does seem to be the best avenue.  All third party e-book publishers are filled with the craziest restrictions and are so clicky that it isn't even funny.  I've browsed subjects and looked at reviews on books Amazon is selling that cater to just as many "deviant" sex practices as Xnxx or Storiesonline, so My stories would actually be somewhat tame as the subjects of several erotic novels they are selling include underage incest, beastiality, adults with underage sex partners, etc. (In other words stuff that I was reading from King and Johnstone in the 90s that most legit erotic story sites won't touch).

I want to go to the next level, and in this economy if it takes getting published through Amazon to put a few extra dollars in My bank account then I will do it.  However, and more importantly, My goal since March of last year was to reach a broader audience, and being associated with a more mainstream site would certainly get My works exposed to a larger potential audience at the very least.

So, despite My differences, as I have with the story submission sites I have worked with over the past year, I am willing to put those differences with Amazon aside and test the waters to see if e-book publishing will be benificial in filling My need to tell a story to as many people as possible and maybe reap a slight financial benefit as well.

So, in the words of Monkey D. Luffy, "GEAR SECONDO!"

Master Vyle

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  1. Personally, I use as my self-publishing POD company. I've been using them for about 8 years now with no problems. So far as I know, they have absolutely NO restrictions on content. You can offer your works in printed form or ebook form, or both. They will tell you how much it is going to cost for each piece (be it hardcopy or efile form) and then you decide the final price based on how much profit you are wanting to make. What I like the most is that if you are willing to do all the work yourself, it costs you NOTHING to upload your files and create the works. They even give you your own "storefront" on luLu to showcase your works that are for sale. You also get access to little "buy now!" buttons and banners to post on your blogs/websites.

    I'd be happy to help in any way I can. You can check out my own LuLu "storefront" @ I have always done ALL the work myself: formatting the hardcopies, cover design, etc. However, you always have the option of purchasing "packages" from LuLu. You can even get the book its own ISBN through LuLu, although it's cheaper to purchase it on your own (LuLu doesn't care if you buy it through them or somewhere else and you don't have to have one unless you plan to sell through Amazon or B&N etc.).

    Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me ( I haven't tried the Kindle service, but it is something I have been thinking about since so many people are going digital.