Thursday, December 15, 2011

Give Me Turkey Necks! Posted To YouTube

They say, whoever they are, that it's good to try new things.  So I've decided to try a new medium of expression.  Now it's true I'm not the most tech or video savvy person.  However, I've had plenty of feedback on my 12 Days Of Creepfest promo to let me know that people think I'm funny on camera.  Yeah, the jury is out on if that's a good or bad thing, but what the hell.  Why not?  I get so many ideas that pop in my head that I try to find a place in a story for, and sometimes they're so off that there really is no place.

So, I decided to give making videos a try.  Of course they will probably be short, but sometimes short and sweet is pretty good.  Here's the first one, Give Me Turkey Necks!  Just an itty, bitty little rant born of boredom and random thoughts with nowhere else to go.  If nothing else I hope it make you laugh.

Just remember everything you're about to lurk at is nothing but silly!

Master Vyle


  1. Very neat place you're running here. I'll be back for more for sure. Happy Creepfest from Diary of a Writer in Progress. =)

  2. Happy holidays to you, Master Vyle! Nice to meet you during the 12 Days of Creepfest!