Saturday, December 17, 2011

Epic Failure! The 12 Days Of Creepfest Promo "Outtakes Reels" Are Here!

Well, you can't be cool, smooth and swift all of the time.  As promised here are the "outtakes reels" from the 12 Days Of Creepfest promo I made and posted on YouTube, exclusively here on House Of Master Vyle.  What follows are about nine minutes of uncensored anger, dead air, fart sniffin' face, me asking Socks not to puke while Daddy cuts his promo, and the frustration that helped fuel the insanity that was the second half of the official promo.

Just a final warning.  I know some of you said that your kids laughed at the promo, and these outtakes are probably not anything you want you kids to watch.  LOL.

Please enjoy....  my suffering.

Part One:

Part Two:

Yeah!  It's why I am a writer and not a public speaker.  Not sure I can bear to lurk at myself in the mirror anymore.

Master Vyle

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