Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On The Ninth Day Of Creepfest... Another Contest

Greetings fiends and fright fans.  Yesterday there were no correct entries for my Frog Nog And Other Horrorday Tales Trivia Contest, as there were no entries submitted.  So today there will be 14 opportunities to win, as well as change in prizes, in part due to the fact that I'm having technical difficulties in regard to the delivery of the previously offered prize.

So up for grabs today, a copy of a never before published short story, Mom's Liver And Onions, which I am planning to release as part of a four story collection titled Four Freaks by the spring of 2012.  This little story is the tale of three siblings coming to terms with death, among other things.  It also has the distinction of having been rejected by One Buck Horror, my second ever rejection for a submission for pay.  So now I have been rejected by both The Ladies Home Journal and One Buck Horror, and I can guarantee you that the list of people who can make that claim is very small, Hhehehehehehehe.

But anyway, here is today's question.

In two stories in the Frog Nog And Other Horrorday Tales collection, as well as in the novel Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE, there is mention of a creature known as the Hollow Creek Monster which plays a significant role in the first novel of my upcoming Shadows Of The Night series.  Again I'll give multiple choice in regard to the question.

In which story does it describe what kind of creature the Hollow Creek Monster is supposed to be?

A.  Frog Nog
B.  It Came From Beyond The Midnight Clear
C.  Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE

Again today I also give a bonus question, and today it's a hard one because it's a one line reference in a 700+ page novel.  The prize up for grabs if you get this one is an advanced copy of the short story prologue to Shadows Of The Night, which will be published next month, The Legend Of The Ghost's Woods.

In Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE Heather's best friend, Betty, refers to the Hollow Creek Monster by another name.  What is the Hollow Creek Monster's alternate nickname?

Good luck, and I will be lurking for your responses via e-mail house_of_master_vyle @

Master Vyle

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