Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On The Back of a Motorcycle by Autumn Seave

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Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos, and welcome to the, oh so, horrifying House of Master Vyle Blog.  This next review is a little something from erotica territory, On the Back of a Motorcycle, by Autumn Seave.
This short short story is the tale of Tim, a guy out for a night of bar hopping and strip clubs to unwind from a long week at work.  While at a local bar he discovers that one of his fellow patrons is Darcy, his former high school sweetheart, and a girl who never would go too far with while they were dating.
After catching up with Darcy for a little while Tim heads to a local strip club, where he becomes enthralled with “Eve”, a tattooed dancer on the stage.  Much to his shock and delight as soon as Eve’s number she runs to the back of the club and begins loving on none other than his aforementioned high school sweetheart.
When the ladies leave the club on Darcy’s motorcycle Tim secretly follows them to a secluded spot, where he sneaks up on them and watches his two fantasy women get it on!
Although it’s not the greatest story On the Back of a Motorcycle is enough to reveal that Ms. Seave is a budding talent with a lot of potential to grow.  She does a fair job at handling the male point of view and delivering a tale that will titillate the average male smut reader.  For me this story made me nostalgic for those old “Letters Magazines”, which this story reads like.  I was reminded so much so in fact that it was easy to overlook some of the more contrived, “male thinking”, parts of the story, such as a pair of lesbian bikers carrying around a ten inch dildo on their motorcycle.
I’m not sure if a broader audience will like this story as much as I did.  However, if you are like me and loved wasting a day reading those old adult digest like Naughty Letters, Penthouse Forum Letters, and the like you will be gripped by nostalgia, and the sudden need to run down to the Naughty Shop to buy some.  I give this story Four Stars, and I can’t wait to see how Ms. Seave will develop in the future.
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