Saturday, June 3, 2017

He's Coming Back! Lock-Up the Livestock!

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos and welcome once again to the House of Master Vyle blog.  It looks like at long last I'm back.  Again!

Yes, I know my last return to the HOLLOWed halls of this blog was a brief one, however I am planning to keep on keeping on (whatever that means) to keep you GHOST-ed on the latest things happening with good old Master Vyle.  (Please pay no attention to the fact that I'm about four months late in doing this.  Five if you saw my Year of the Cock House of Master Vyle MiniSode).

Anyway, I shall soon get back to posting updates and catching everyBODY up on my writing life. Those standard rants and raves (when I have the energy, since I'm getting old and supposedly mellow).  Hopefully a review here and there, and of CORPSE occasional updates on the fact that I'm still on Das Booken after all these years.  (I guess I may need to dust this oldie but goodie off.)

So in other words, bidness as usual.  Hhehehehehehe.  So roll out the barrel and lock-up the livestock, since there's no telling what might happen.

See You After Vyle, 
Master Vyle 

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