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Review: Fear In Words Volume One - The Stories by Jason Darrick

Jason Darrick Ready To Put Himself On The Map With The Release Of His First Collection Fear In Words Volume One - The Stories
Ah, or should I say, "Oh".  Oh, Canada, that neighbor to the north that has given us such fine things as....  Mmmmm...Canadian Bacon...  Ahhhhhh.....Maple Syrup?  Ummmmm....Bret Hart?  Naw, definitely not Bret Hart.  Maybe some better people like his brother, the late Owen Hart, Christian Cage, Lance Storm, Chris "Jericho" Irvine, and a national treasure, Adam "Edge" Copeland.  Yeah, I guess this is sounding like a post from my long silent House Of Master Vyle Championship Wrestling blog, however it does illustrate that the most I know about Canada I learned from watching professional wrestling.

In my life I've only had a chance to get to know only two people from Canada.  Dave, I guy I used to work with about a decade ago that liked to drive his RV to work for the hell of it and to take up two parking spaces, and Jason Darrick, a budding independent author I began chatting with on twitter (ironically what we talk about a lot is professional wrestling).  Although I really like Dave this post is about Jason Darrick.

Recently Jason gathered the stories that he's written over the space of about a year, what he considers his first year of serious writing, and put them together in his first anthology, Fear In Words Volume One - The Stories.  Now having chatted to him for a while and finding we have a lot in common as far a subject matter goes, and having read many of his blog posts and bits of a little guilty pleasure he calls, Sadistic Sunday, I couldn't wait to get his collection and see what else Jason's mind had produced.

Yes, I know it was only 24 hours ago that I said that One Buck Horror Volume One was the first anthology I had ever read where ever single story was up to par and worthy of similar ratings, but after that post I finished Jason's anthology, and now can tell you there are two.  Like the One Buck Horror collection the stories are fairly short and easy to read, however the level of horror is way up and beyond.  Fear In Words is more adult oriented and definitely in not kid friendly or for the faint of heart.  Which of course means I loved it.

Here's a look at the stories:

A very short story, almost poem length.  He hears some dripping and what can it be?  Five stars for being able to have so much impact with so few words.

The Figure
A man finds himself stalked by what appears to be a living shadow.  It menaces him, forcing him to fight back with some terrible consequences.  What is the shadow of?  A disturbing question not easily answered.  A four star story that lets you know it came from someone just starting to embrace their craft.

The Forest
Trapped in the middle of nowhere and hunted by a group of hostiles, a man learns the terrible fate of his wife and many other members of his party.  A brief study of one man's emotional torment. It's kind of like Lost, with cannibalism!  Five stars!

A husband has made his wife a part of his BDSM fantasies for years.  Now she wants her turn to be in control, and not just of his body.  A cautionary tale of what happens when people delve into a lifestyle they really know nothing about and end up pissing off the one they love.  Four and a half stars.

Mr. Vore
An overweight man visits the office Mr. Vore in the hopes of joining a study for his newest weight loss vitamin.  What he discovers, however, is that Mr. Vore has a different kind of definition for trimming the fat.  Vore was such an excellent and menacing character I found myself assigning him Christopher Lee's voice as I read his dialogue, even though he was supposed to have a slightly German accent.  A solid five star story that has me waiting for more of what Jason Darrick has to offer.

Fear In Words Volume One - The Stories by Jason Darrick is now available for Kindle and PC from Amazon, and for the right price too, just $0.99!
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Be sure to check out Jason Darrick, and see what's coming from one of the new independent voices of Horror, by visiting his blog or follow him on twitter @Fear_In_Words .  And of course be sure to pick up your copy of  Fear In Words Volume One - The Stories today!

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