Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Older Is Bedder Released As An eBook

My very first erotica story Older Is Bedder is now available as an eBook from Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Johnny isn’t having a good day.  The heat.  His job.  His boss.  They’re all getting on his nerves, but nothing gets on his nerves worse than working with the moody and sour Doris Walker.  To make his day go from bad to worse Johnny offends Doris and gets in trouble at work, an act that has possible consequences outside of work.

 Feeling his Friday can’t get any worse Johnny decides to cancel his evening plans to smooth things over with Doris with a face to face apology.  Soon, however, Johnny learns that Doris has other plans.  For Doris Walker fancies herself as a cowgirl, of the kinky variety, and before the night is through she plans to teach Johnny that Older Is Bedder!

 A mature BDSM story featuring one kinky old cowgirl, and more!

 Warning:  This story contains adult themes and strong sexual content.

Master Vyle

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