Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Read: subtext by Kate Marley

subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission
About a week and a half ago I broke down and bought a Kindle, because I felt if I was going to be published by Amazon and in e-book format for a while that I may as well actually have one so I would know some of the ins and outs of them, and to know how things actually appeared to readers.  That being said I already had a list of books picked out in My head that I wanted to read, and on the top of the list was subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission by Kate Marley.  Kate and I came across each other on twitter, and funnily enough a majority of our conversations have not revolved around writing, or the BDSM lifestyle, but rather her love and My hate of one John Cena.

subtext was indeed the first thing I put on My new Kindle, and I read it from cover to cover over a four days, the quickest I have read anything since I was right out of high school.  I was hooked from the prologue, and knew I had found what I wanted to find in a good story about someone involved in the BDSM lifestyle.   As a rule I tend top avoid a lot of lifestyle fiction because they usually disappoint, mainly due to the fact that the author has no clue about BDSM to begin with.  I can assure you that subtext is the farthest thing from an outsider hack job that you can find. 

Kate autobiographically relates her journey into submission, from her discovery of the lifestyle through scenes in a book, to her first experience being spanked and finally to the beginnings of a relationship with a dominant man who appears he may be "the One".  The book is described as being candid and straightforward, and it is that and more.  The is some tale of reverence and awe from some mindless sheep willing to do anything she is told, but the story of a strong willed woman not afraid to she her back bone and speak her mind when she feels that she is being treated unfairly.

To say more would be giving too much away.  Having tweeted back and forth with her since finishing I can tell you that subtext is only the beginning, and that she is currently working on the follow up, to which I hope she makes her deadline, because I am dying for more.

Master Vyle

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