Friday, January 13, 2012

Legend Of The Ghost's Woods Released As An eBook

Just in time for the first Friday the 13th of the New Year (and a little unexpectedly even for me) my new Horror short story Legend Of The Ghost's Woods is now available on Amazon, All Romance eBooks and OmniLit, and should be available on Barnes & Noble by the end of the weekend.  (Three out of four ain't bad.)

If you read my 2011 The Year I Arrived post you know that Legend Of The Ghost's Woods serves as the prologue to my forthcoming novel Comes The Dark Storm, as well as the rest of the Shadows Of The Night Series.

The Ghost’s Woods, a vast expanse of untamed forest and swampland straddling the borders of  Poe and Bennick Counties. The woods were known for being the Evil Place long before the first explorers came from Europe. Deep in the forest strange voices sometimes whispered dark secrets to those who could hear them, and a creature nearly as old as mankind roamed among the trees, watching, and occasionally claiming a victim of its own choosing.

With the tragedy that followed the founding of the small city of Ariana, Florida, the woods received their name. They had long been forgotten as being the Evil Place, but the passage of time only proved they were a haunted place, the home of something cunning and malevolent that was waiting to strike!

Here is the history of how the Ghost’s Woods became a legend. The short story prologue to Michael C. Laney’s forthcoming Shadows Of The Night Series!

You can find Shadows Of The Night Volume Zero: Legend Of The Ghost Woods here.  I will have a link up for Barnes & Noble within the next few days:

I'll be lurking for you.

Master Vyle

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