Monday, December 19, 2011

On The Seventh Day... Master Vyle Started His Creepfest Contest

Well fiends and fright fans, just because it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas does not mean that it's too late, or too soon, to think about the ghost wonderful time of the year, and by that I mean, yep, you guessed it, Halloween.  Now, those of you who know me know I love all kinds of horror movies, good and bad, from all over the world.  I also occasionally dabble in mixing music and sound effects.  A few years ago I made an audio show to play while I handed out Halloween candy themed around a Halloween night at the old drive-in.

Now as part of my little trivia contest for 12 Days Of Creepfest I am going to give away copies of that audio show in an mp3 format.  The rules are pretty simple.  For the next three days (Monday, December 19 to Wednesday, December 21, 2011) I will be asking a question related to Frog Nog And Other Horrorday Tales, which if you have not gotten a copy yet is available from OmniLit.Com for free for the duration of Creepfest.  The first five contestants to e-mail me back the correct answer will win a copy of my Halloween night at the drive-in audio show.

(From the 22nd until the 24th I will be having another exclusive prize.)

If you love horror and miss those nights of drive-in marathons (even if you never experienced them) you're gonna love this unique experience.  Nearly six and a half hours of continuous music and mayhem to delight your hearing and spark your imagination.  The show is filled with classic audio trailers and radio spots, theater announcements, sound bites, music, sound effects and more.  Plus its fairly family friendly, so there's much fun for all ages.

To enter e-mail your answer to  I will announce the winners the following day.  This contest is open to everyone, even if you should find that the question being asked pertains to you.  So good luck, and have fun!

Today's question involves the second short story in the collection, Walking In A Winter Wasteland:

In Walking In A Winter Wasteland there are place names/locations that get their names from a pair of fellow authors (and yes, both are on the tour).  Who are the authors that I am paying homage to in the story?

Remember the first five e-mails I receive with the correct answers will win, and I will announce the winners tomorrow, as well as asking another question.

Again, good luck and have fun!

Master Vyle


  1. Lisa McCourt Hollar and Rebecca Treadway!!! :)

  2. I'm going with Annetta Ribken and Rebecca Treadway.