Saturday, December 24, 2011

On The Twelfth Day Of Creepfest... A Final Round Of Contests

Well, fiends and fright fans it's the twelfth and final day of Creepfest.  Today I will be offering up my final set of trivia questions, but I will keep the contest open until Tuesday, December 27, 2011, so that everyone out there enjoying the Horrordays has a chance to participate.  Just feel free to go ahead and "shout out" your answers in the comments section.  I will be awarding a prize to the first five correct answers on each question, and you're eligible to win multiple prizes, or even if you should find that the answer to the question is you.

The first prize up for grabs in my Frog Nog And Other Horrorday Tales Trivia Contest is a copy of my personal Halloween Night At The Drive-In audio show.  (I worked out the delivery problems and decided to offer this prize of nearly 6 1/2 hours of music, classic radio spots and sound effects as a prize again.)

Here's the question:

Uncle Jason in the short story It Came From Beyond The Midnight Clear is named for one of my oldest independent writer friends (and by oldest I mean we ran across each other on Twitter about a year ago by accident while talking about pro-wrestling).  What is the writer's name?

A.  Jason Patrick
B.  Jason David Frank
C.  Jason Darrick

Prize number two is a copy of my as yet unpublished horror short story Mom's Liver And Onions, which will be available as part of a four story collection Four Freaks early next year.

Here's the question:

In the short story Frog Nog the Sanderson sisters mention Bring Your Own Weapons Night, which was a short lived gimmick by one of the Big Three wrestling promotions of the late 1990's.  What was the name of the wrestling promotion that sponsored this?

D. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE)
E.  Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)
F.  World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

Prize number three is an advanced copy of my short story prequel to my forthcoming Shadows Of The Night horror novel series, Legend Of The Ghost's Woods.  I'm currently still editing, but it should be ready for delivery by the end of next month.

Here's the question:

The poem 'Puppet With A Handgun' was inspired by the third and fourth episodes of a Japanese tokusatsu series from the mid-1990's.  What is the name of the series?

G.  Power Rangers: Mystic Force
H.  Gosei Sentai Dairanger
I.   Big Bad Beetleborgs

I think I've made the answers pretty obvious, even to anyone who has not read any of the stories in the collection.  Good luck to all of you, and Happy Horrordays!

Master Vyle

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