Saturday, September 24, 2011

My First Erotic Horror Collection Now Available For eReaders!

Okay, it may not be the one that everyone has been expecting, however My first Erotic Horror collection A Letter To Doctor Freudstein - Demoni - And Ten Poems is now available for eReaders and PC download.  Like with Honcho the announcement has been held off almost an entire week due to illness.  This collection contains more Horror oriented works.  A Letter To Doctor Freudstein and several of the poems have previously appeared on Literotica.Com, Storieonline.Net, Fitcionpress.Com, Lushstories.Com and several other sites.  The short story Demoni and the poems Critter, Coffin Banging and Mummy Waits have never before been published.

I really put a great deal of effort into the look of this collection as I wanted it to stand out from other cobbled together and cheap story collections a lot of people offer and carelessly slap their names on.  Again, My goal has been to produce visually arresting as well as entertaining works for the reader to enjoy, and can only hope to improve in the future.

Inside an eclectic body of works awaits!

Humorous, terrifying and erotic. Michael C. Laney now gives us a collection from the darker side. Two twisted tales of passion and a collection of poems that treads into the funny, the horrifying and the bizarre!

A Letter To Doctor Freudstein: An undead woman leaves a suggestive and twisted letter to her equally undead zombie lover.

Ten Poems: A selection of poetry about things in crypts and the walls, morbid passions, gothic romance in a haunted cemetery, forbidden thrills and undying love.

-Beneath The Bright Zombie Moon
-Coffin Banging
-The Crypt Below
-Dance Of The Elder Gods
-Graveyard Sunrise
-The Gorgon
-Jack-O-Lantern Lady
-Mummy Waits
-Woman With Plumage

Demoni: A young woman who has dealt with loneliness and abuse all of her life because she was born with a vestigial tail finally finds love and acceptance in the creature that haunts the abandoned cemetery near her house. She will do anything to belong to him. And he will do anything for her…even kill.

Be sure to get your copy of A Letter To Doctor Freudstein - Demoni - And Ten Poems available from several eBook retailers and in various formats.

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Again it's My first Erotic Horror collection so be sure to lurk it up.

Master Vyle

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Honcho Released As A Free Story!

Sorry this is a long time in coming as it was initially released almost a week ago, but since the day I submitted the files I have been down with a migraine that would not go away.  My Gay Male short story Honcho has been released on All Romance eBooks, OmniLit and Lulu as a free story.  Honcho is the brief tale of a hook-up between two men at a night club for a little no strings fun.  Two men, one club, a few minutes of anonymous passion.  Very short and steamy, and absolutely free.

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Be sure to get your copy today!

Master Vyle

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hearing Those (Other) Words, "I Read Your Book."

Today I had another one of those little milestones in My fledgling career as a published author.  This morning further magical words, "Hey, I read your book yesterday."  I have to admit I was kind of expecting something to the effect to come sooner or later, because after all Sarah told Me those first words, "I bought your book," a few weeks ago.  I was still slightly caught off guard though, as at that moment it was completely off My radar.  (It's been a crazy week since last Tuesday involving the death of a car, the purchase of two new cars and celebrating the ten year anniversary of meeting the lady vyle, not to mention another massive change in My work schedule).

As a bonus I got My first review of A Day In The Life Of Abagail King on the spot.  I won't go into details and toot My own horn (much), but I will say it was very positive.  I had to laugh when Sarah asked Me what "perkerneck" meant.  She had said she was going to look it up in the Urban Dictionary, but didn't have a chance to.  I assured her that it was not there as it is a 100% Michael C. Laney original, and thus far I have no plans for any other characters than Abagail King using it, though that can always change.

So what should I expect next?

Well, I'm not really looking forward to expecting anything.  With so many of those little milestones an author dreams of coming out of the blue so far I just say let them come, and I have no plans on sitting around on edge waiting for them to happen and being disappointed when they do not.

Though I secretly hope that someone will actually post a review on one of the novels.

Writing is going well on Demoni, and once it is done A Letter To Doctor Freudstein - Demoni - And Ten Poems will be in the can.  Not sure what I will launch into next.  I was thinking maybe I could get a Halloween collection together as well, but with the time I have before the holiday it might be a project to work on for release next year.  Honcho will also be coming in eReader format soon, so lurk for it as well.

Master Vyle