Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Fifty Shades Of Gravy by Jenny Ric

Our next review from "Fifty Shades Parody Land" comes in the form of Fifty Shades Of Gravy by Jenny Ric, and it's hilarious, or my name isn't Michael C. Laney.  In this send-up Ric treats up to a slight mash-up of Twilight and Fifty Shades Of Grey set in a culinary school, where the dumb and ditzy Vanessa Biscuits falls under the spell of Chef Grey.  Ric's versions of Leonard's versions of Meyer's characters are spot on, and are sure to make you laugh until you cry, or wet yourself, or both.

Ric has Vanessa deliver such Anastasia Steelesque inner dialogue as:

"I never acknowledge anything below my waist except when I am forced to tie my shoes.  I suppose I go to the bathroom sometimes, but I block that out lest my ardor become inflamed."


"I love emails, but I don't have a computer in my house because I inexplicably have the sensibilities and understanding of the world of a fifty year old woman."

And if course:

"We have only known one another for 45 seconds, but I can see in his eyes that he desires me as much as I desire him."

The best however comes after the story's gravy dripping climax, but it is so laugh out loud funny that you have to read it for yourself to appreciate it.  It's a witty and quick little read, and well worth Five Stars.  Thus far this story seems to be the one and only thing that Jenny Ric has ever published, however I am looking forward to more as it would be great to see what sort of original fiction her mind is capable of producing.

You can get your copy of Fifty Shades Of Gravy by Jenny Ric from Amazon for Kindle:


Check out this great little read, but be careful not to make your own pant gravy.  Hhehehehehehe.

See you after vyle!

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