Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Released: House Of Master Vyle MiniSode 2: Yeah, The First One Deserved A Sequel

Well fright fans, fiends, freaks, perverts and sickos, the first one was so fun I decided to do another, and it's even longer.  Hhehehehehehehe.  Two videos leading up to a written blog post?  Well just watch and it will become apparent why I write and do not publicly speak.  However, it's still better than the guy in his comic book store (a.k.a. HIS MOM'S BASEMENT), holding the wiggly dog as he fumbled for 20 minutes to say two sentences about Power Rangers: SUPER MegaForce.

More laughs ahead, even a sad one for me as a tongue fumble during the "Corrections" section makes Doctor Paul Bearer Day (October 30), sound as if it takes place on Halloween (October 31).

Yes, again, it is why I write.

So, enjoy this second treat for the eyes and ears, such as it is, and look forward to the release of the actual post on Monday, September 17, 2012.

Why all the fuss?

Well, once you get to near the end of the post you'll know why I've put to much into it.

See you after vyle!

Master Vyle

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