Monday, March 14, 2011

Please Stand By! Works In Progress!


Okay.  I know I've been unusually quiet over the past few days, but I am still here and kicking.  It may look as if I have been drawing blanks, but I assure you I've been hard at work, and am very excited about Meet The Author's night over on Nicola Matthews site on Friday.

I've been doing a great deal of reading, and yes I know I haven't posted any reviews.  Most of My time has been devoted to working on the Fungi collection.  I finished Story One, and am now working on Story Two which has been a pretty gut wrenching experience as there have been recent developments that not only put the story in focus and gave it direction, but have also made Me decide to put quite a bit more of Myself into a story than I usually do.

About a week ago I intercepted a tweet regarding censorship, and arrest made at a Spanish film festival where they were screening a movie known as A Serbian Film.  I weighed in on the comments section of the blog it had been posted from, giving My views on censorship and how often the "Moral Majority" likes to blur the lines between obscene and illegal just to suit their purposes.  That done I researched the film, getting a blow by blow synopsis on wikipedia and was pretty much appalled at the content of the film, and found Myself wishing to a certain extent I had not spoken on censorship before knowing more about the movie itself.

Okay, every 20 or 30 years a movie comes along the people scream to have banned for one reason or another.  The fervor usually passes after five years or so, social views of the content change, the film becomes acceptable, and everyone says, "Well, that wasn't so bad.  What was the big deal anyway?"

Let Me assure you, if this film goes that way then the human race deserves extinction. 

Yes, I gave the film the benefit of the doubt.  I figured the hype, despite the synopsis, was probably undeserved.  So, unable to help Myself I obtained a copy of the film to see for Myself.  For the past five days I've tasted nothing but bile in My mouth 24/7.  In My life there are several things I wish I could undo, and seeing this film is one of them because it had opened the doors to some of the real horrors of My life and I find that the only way to get any relief is to write it out.  Right now I feel sickened with Myself for having to know.

I know that usually hardcore horror films appeal to us guys, and over the past weekend I have seen stories that indicate that this piece of filth is actually going to get a theatrical release here in the U.S., although I can't even imagine how it could be cut enough to make it into even an NC-17 rated film.  All I want to say, because if you really have to know you can find a synopsis somewhere, is if you have a wife and children and you love them do not see this film.  It's the worst thing I have ever seen made for the screen.  It's heartless and hopeless, and anyone who could watch this filth and enjoy it needs to be locked away.

What I have to say, indirectly,  about the film and it content and creators, will all find voice in Story Two of the Fungi collection.

On a more positive note in regards to Story Two I will be giving cheap pops and mad props to Nicola Matthews and Alex Severin within the story.  I suppose as a way of making up for the fact that I have yet to review the stories of  theirs I recently finished.

Be sure to join Nicola and Myself for Meet The Authors Night on her site.  You can find all the details a few post below.  We have our fingers crossed for a big turn out, and hope to "see" you there.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Revised Cover: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE

My Self-Imposed Tweak Weekend Would Not Be Complete Without A New Cover For Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE
Okay so not another huge thing, but I always seem to make Myself proud when I make something a little bit better.  Above is the revised cover for Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE.  Note the House Of Master Vyle Presents logo up top.  Since I made the newer covers with Picasa in a different way from the original cover the two new ones ended up a lot bigger, so to make things more uniform I decided to redo the cover, and now they all look good side by side.

Master Vyle

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet The Author Video (I Speak)

Looking Forward To Being Joined On Meet The Author Chat Night
The idea hit Me at around 3:00 A,M. this morning.  Why not make an advertisement for Nicola Matthews's Meet The Author Chat Night?  I have to admit between Cyberlink and Picasa it was pretty easy.  It just sounded a lot better in My head than it did on film, and I have already taken the liberty of disposing of all the out-takes.

So if you've really wanted to see what I look like and hear My voice (which would mean you're probably  pretty, I have the video posted on YouTube, and suppose I will leave it up after the even for posterity.

Master Vyle

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nicola Matthews: Meet The Author Chat March 18th!

Even Spider Fangire Knows....Always Read Authors With The Middle Initial C.
Earlier today I received an invitation from My friend Nicola C. Matthews ncmatthews (twitter) to let Me know she was planning a meet the author chat for herself and asking if I was interested in joining in as co-host.  Of course I couldn't refuse.  I initially met Nicola on Lush Stories and then continued to catch up with her on XNXX for a brief time before getting into a weekly routine of sending a few tweets back and forth on twitter.  I love her stories, and was hooked despite feeling that Vampire Lifestyle stories were a somewhat dubious BDSM sub-genre, however from the first short story My mind was changed.  Nicola was also the person who first informed Me that I had been the victim of plagiarism, which actually began the domino effect which lead Me to publish Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE.

If you haven't discovered Nicola yet then you really should.  If you already know of her and her work then take this chance to get to know her and her stories a little more in-depth.  I will come along for the ride and will be open to questions and comments as well.  And I do hope a certain someone (not naming names) will show up if she can put down her copies of The Complete Idiots Guide To Internet Story Site Plagiarism and The Complete Idiots Guide To Being A Wiccan In Portsmouth, NH and crawl out from under the rock she's been hiding under.  I promise to keep My epi-pen handy in case I should need it. LOL!

Anyway, please drop by and meet Nicola and get to know more about her, her works and her influences.  And I'll probably throw in a little about Myself as well if you're interested.  The session is scheduled on Nicola's Site on Friday, March 18, at 6:00 P.M. Central Time.  The link is below, but there's no need to wait until then.  Go ahead and start checking out Nicola now. 

Master Vyle

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bunny Holes An Easter BDSM Erotic Story Now On For Kindle

Bunny Holes A BDSM Erotic Story Featuring Furries And Kinky Fun
Bunny Holes is now on sale at for Kindle.  The second story in My new House Of Master Vyle Presents series.

She had never thought, it had never even entered her mind, that comedy and domination could go so well together hand in hand.
On Easter Sunday sub Miriam's Master, Albegas, makes her dress in a bunny costume and sends her to be part of a kinky scene unlike any other she has ever participated in before. Upon arrival at a closed dance club she turns herself over to the control of two "Furry" Master's dressed as bunnies. What ensues is a hot and highly hilarious scene, with a constant throb of music in the background as Miriam learns the joys of Furry domination and sex.

A funny, kinky, hot, and somewhat irreverent look at a BDSM scene featuring Furries, paddles, toys.....well, everything but the kitchen sink! Filled throughout with unusually kinky action and quite a few verbal "Easter Eggs" for anime and tokusatsu fans!

Here are the links to Amazon:

Amazon.Com US:

Amazon.Com UK:

Master Vyle

St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin' On Sale At For Kindle

Holiday/Comedy Short Story St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin'
This past week I decided that I wanted to begin to put some of My short stories that had be re-edited, revamped and reworked for sale for Kindle under the series title House Of Master Vyle Presents.  Just in time for the spring holidays comes the first of two of these stories, St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin'.

Louis has had a long standing bet with his friends, Terry and Arnold, over which one of them will be the first to hook up with someone and get laid by the end of the week. Louis always comes out on the loosing end of the bet. At least until St. Patrick's Day when an older woman drags him into the Men's room of an Irish owned bar to have her way with him. A very short story of quickie sex, running about 10 pages, St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin' is a quick read and a good laugh.

Here are the links: US: UK:

Master Vyle

Great Read: Getting Intimate by Victoria Blisse

Getting Intimate by Victoria Blisse
Victoria Blisse was one of the first erotic writers I found through twitter, so we have occasionally tweeted at each other since about November, and in that time I had a chance to look over a couple of her short stories and stories in progress.  I really loved her subject, in most cases the everyday, average, BBW, so she was always on My wish list of writers I wanted to read, and I even went as far as to tell her that Getting Intimate was on My wish list once I had some spare cash.  So it goes without saying that it was one of the first things that I downloaded to My new Kindle once I got it home.

I did not know until I started reading that Getting Intimate was the second book in a series called Getting Together, the first being Getting Physical, but it does not detract from the reading experience, and it is fairly easy to catch up.  Getting Together is the story of John and Terri, and handsome but insecure man and a similarly insecure BBW, who meet while working out at the gym.  The first book relates their initial meeting, and in the second book things are getting a little rocky.

What makes Getting Intimate such a great read is the fact that I think anyone who picks it up can relate to the thoughts and emotions of both characters.  The story alternates from both of their view points in first person.  Through a series of of misunderstandings the couple comes close to  breaking things off, and as in real life the misunderstandings are amplified out of proportion due to their insecurities.

A bonus for Me was that Terri and John play out a little proto-BDSM scene where there is experimenting and switching of roles going on, all teasingly and respectfully done.  (Oh, Victoria, I had no idea....LOL).

If you love hot sex and hot romance in which the characters seem real and are not a bunch of ultra-confident supermodels then Getting Intimate and I am sure the other books in the series for you.  Victoria let Me know that there is one more final book coming to complete the series to which I questioned, "Why stop there?"  She admitted the she really liked Terri and John, so there was still the possibility she might not be done with them after three stories, and I have to say after reading Getting Intimate I sure hope not.  Now Getting Physical and the forthcoming sequel are on My wish list, as well as another story, Reluctant Muse.

Of course Victoria has quite the catalogue, which is enough to keep Me busy for a while, however she's still so good that I just have to say, Keep 'Em Cuming!

Master Vyle

Great Read: subtext by Kate Marley

subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission
About a week and a half ago I broke down and bought a Kindle, because I felt if I was going to be published by Amazon and in e-book format for a while that I may as well actually have one so I would know some of the ins and outs of them, and to know how things actually appeared to readers.  That being said I already had a list of books picked out in My head that I wanted to read, and on the top of the list was subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission by Kate Marley.  Kate and I came across each other on twitter, and funnily enough a majority of our conversations have not revolved around writing, or the BDSM lifestyle, but rather her love and My hate of one John Cena.

subtext was indeed the first thing I put on My new Kindle, and I read it from cover to cover over a four days, the quickest I have read anything since I was right out of high school.  I was hooked from the prologue, and knew I had found what I wanted to find in a good story about someone involved in the BDSM lifestyle.   As a rule I tend top avoid a lot of lifestyle fiction because they usually disappoint, mainly due to the fact that the author has no clue about BDSM to begin with.  I can assure you that subtext is the farthest thing from an outsider hack job that you can find. 

Kate autobiographically relates her journey into submission, from her discovery of the lifestyle through scenes in a book, to her first experience being spanked and finally to the beginnings of a relationship with a dominant man who appears he may be "the One".  The book is described as being candid and straightforward, and it is that and more.  The is some tale of reverence and awe from some mindless sheep willing to do anything she is told, but the story of a strong willed woman not afraid to she her back bone and speak her mind when she feels that she is being treated unfairly.

To say more would be giving too much away.  Having tweeted back and forth with her since finishing I can tell you that subtext is only the beginning, and that she is currently working on the follow up, to which I hope she makes her deadline, because I am dying for more.

Master Vyle