Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin' On Sale At Amazon.com For Kindle

Holiday/Comedy Short Story St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin'
This past week I decided that I wanted to begin to put some of My short stories that had be re-edited, revamped and reworked for sale for Kindle under the series title House Of Master Vyle Presents.  Just in time for the spring holidays comes the first of two of these stories, St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin'.

Louis has had a long standing bet with his friends, Terry and Arnold, over which one of them will be the first to hook up with someone and get laid by the end of the week. Louis always comes out on the loosing end of the bet. At least until St. Patrick's Day when an older woman drags him into the Men's room of an Irish owned bar to have her way with him. A very short story of quickie sex, running about 10 pages, St. Patrick's Day Scrumpin' is a quick read and a good laugh.

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