Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Master Vyle Gets Kink~E!

Well, it was bound... hmmmm... bound to happen... ummmm...  Hhehehehehehe.

Okay.  It was bound to happen sometime.  This month yours truly graces the virtual pages of the one and only Kink~E Magazine in an issue which focuses on author interviews.  I join the likes of the spooky Robert Ropars, sensual Savannah Chase, the mega witty Rich Woods, and the mega talented Cassandre Dayne (yes the one person I feel is a shinning ray of light within the abyss that is Naughty Nights Press).

Come on and get Kink~E with me all you fiends, fright fans, perverts and sickos if you haven't ever gotten Kink~E before, and check out the Internet's premier lifestyle magazine!  Marabelle Blue wants you to come on down.  And just so you know, only real authors were interviewed for this issue.  She said so.  Hhehehehehehe.


Master Vyle


  1. Congratulations & keep on creating!

  2. Thanks AFare. Since getting over these migraines I'm starting to get back on track, slowly but surely.