Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's Put The Final Nail (Pin) In The Coffin

I was very disappointed to see that the role of Pinhead has been recast for the upcomming Hellraiser: Revelations.  I think at this point it is time to end a franchise that has drug on way past the point it should have been put out to pasture.  As with the role of Freddy Kruger and Robert Englund, the role of Pinhead/Elliot Spencer is forever linked with Doug Bradley.  At this late date, with so many films with Bradley in the lead role, why further kill the series, which by now bares little resemblence to the original Hellbound Heart novella, by doing a recast which will no doubt cost the series what followers it has left?

There had been a rumor floating around that Hellraiser was slotted to be remade.  I was doubltful of how well it would go, especially when you consider the fact that the first film was scripted and directed by Barker himself.  However now if the role of the series' most iconic character is to be given to a new actor I think it will be the only way to save and reboot the franchise.

I am also feeling around for any scraps of info about Barker's yet unpublished novel The Scarlet Gospels.  The novel is supposed to be a major piece in the Clive Barker universe, as it will explain the true origins of "Pinhead" and the Order of the Gash as they appear in the original novella, and they will be opposed by Barker's supernatural detective Harry D'amour of The Last Illusion/Lord Of Illusions and Everville fame.  Last word from Barker was that he was looking for a publisher.


You're Clive Barker, you have a Hellraiser novel, and you can't find a publisher?

Sounds like a little BS from CB to ME.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye-Bye XXXReplay

Several months ago I was sought out by a new story site by the name of xxxreplay, who's owner was interested in My work after she came across Balcony Diddling on another site.  I was made pretty estatic by the idea of submitting to a site that was just starting up and getting in on the ground floor.  I joined the site and submitted several stories, hoping to send some original work their way later in the year.

After submitting many stories to xxxreplay I began to notice, that upon review, the voting and viewing setting were continually being switched off, so that no one could read anything.  Then I realized that several of My stories were sitting there, while the poems moved quickly.  Figuring that there was a glitch I deleted the stagnated stories and resubmitted one of them.  Now it has sat for over a month without an acceptance, a rejection, or a kiss our asses.

The site has a blog on twitter, but I have only seen maybe three tweets there since the site was founded at the beginning of the summer.  So I made My decision to pull My stories from the site and to delete My account, seeing how the site administration seems to be a non-entity and that the stories section is frought with problems.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open For Business

Well here I am with My very first post.  Had I known it were so easy I would have started on blogger months ago.