Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Lusting While Dusting by Aussiescribbler

If you've ever been a member of a story submission site, and you like hanging out in the forums then you've probably come across an author or two who looks pretty interesting, and you say to yourself, Yeah, I should check their stuff out.  However, either your own work, or a list of other things to read (or do) keeps you from getting around to it.  There was such a person when I was a member of Lushstories that fell into that category, someone who was on my "to read" list, but  I never got to.  Well, one of the few things good that happened after I joined das FaceBooken was that I came across that person again, one Aussiescribbler.  And I have to say that I'm glad to have found the time to give him a read as the awesome Aussiescribbler brings a unique blend of comedy and eroticism in little doses that always leave a smile on my face by the time I get to the end.  (And how many people can say that an erotic story made them smile while still dressed from the waist down?)  If you've ever had the pleasure of reading any of Auss's stories you know why he calls them Funny Boners.

First in the que of the awesome Aussie's stories that I have been sitting on is a little tale by the name of Lusting While Dusting.  It's a very quick read about a man who works for a fully nude cleaning service.  His one client, Dora, is quite a problem.  She's always being suggestive as to the things he should clean.  The rules are specific about employee/customer contact, but when you're as inventive as Da-da, da-da-da, Dora, there's always a way around the rules!

I was going to quote my favorite line from this little story, but it is such a short piece that I'm afraid that it would give too much away.  One of Auss's greatest talents is telling an entertaining story in a very few pages and making it work.  That's why Lusting While Dusting is every bit worth the Five Stars I'm giving it.

Now, here's the best part.  Right now, at this moment, Aussiescribbler is making his entire body of work free, so it's a great time to become acquainted with the erotic humor author from Down Under.

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Be sure to lurk for it as well as Mr. Scribbler's other fine works.

Master Vyle


  1. Thanks. It's always good to be part of a mutual admiration society as I'm becoming hooked on your writing, particularly the horror the stories. :o)

  2. Thank you, as well. I am glad that you're enjoying my stories as much as I am yours.