Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Girl's Night In by Anthony Beal

Every once in a great while I find a story that's right up my alley, and right up my alley on so many levels.  Anthony Beal's short story Girl's Night In is one of those stories.  There's nothing I love better than an erotica story that does not fall into that mold that a lot of readers are expecting.  Throw in a BBW heroine and you've got my interest double.

Girl's Night In is the story of Dacia, a BBW whose mate does not appreciate her curves.  She vents her frustration by doing the exact thing that her boyfriend wants to take away from her, she does something to make herself desirable and sexy.  Going to a hotel where the desk clerk knows her name she checks in to a room and puts on an exhibitionist show for any passenger looking from a subway train which has to stop by the room's window to wait for the track ahead to clear.

Transit passenger Kenichi gets to play the voyeur to Dacia's exhibitionist.  He's in a look and no touch (even himself) situation, and he's enraptured by the woman in the window.

You may think you will be able to figure out how this story is going to end, but I assure you it doesn't.  Beal tells an awesome and "non-traditional" erotic tale which is both hot and cerebral.  It's a very short story, but in Beal's hands it's more than enough length to get Five Stars, and this story deserves every single one.  I'm looking forward to more, and can't wait to see what Beal does with a story that has an extended length.

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If you're lurking for something spectacular, lurk no further than Anthony Beal!

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  1. I Love Big and Beautiful Girl because she is Cute, Loving, Caring, Attractive, Charming, Dashing, Honey and so Beautiful.........AS

    bbw are sexy and love . come to bigkissing ^om

    1. On some levels Anthony is my "writing" brother from another mother. Hhehehehehehe.