Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nicola Matthews: Meet The Author Chat March 18th!

Even Spider Fangire Knows....Always Read Authors With The Middle Initial C.
Earlier today I received an invitation from My friend Nicola C. Matthews ncmatthews (twitter) to let Me know she was planning a meet the author chat for herself and asking if I was interested in joining in as co-host.  Of course I couldn't refuse.  I initially met Nicola on Lush Stories and then continued to catch up with her on XNXX for a brief time before getting into a weekly routine of sending a few tweets back and forth on twitter.  I love her stories, and was hooked despite feeling that Vampire Lifestyle stories were a somewhat dubious BDSM sub-genre, however from the first short story My mind was changed.  Nicola was also the person who first informed Me that I had been the victim of plagiarism, which actually began the domino effect which lead Me to publish Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE.

If you haven't discovered Nicola yet then you really should.  If you already know of her and her work then take this chance to get to know her and her stories a little more in-depth.  I will come along for the ride and will be open to questions and comments as well.  And I do hope a certain someone (not naming names) will show up if she can put down her copies of The Complete Idiots Guide To Internet Story Site Plagiarism and The Complete Idiots Guide To Being A Wiccan In Portsmouth, NH and crawl out from under the rock she's been hiding under.  I promise to keep My epi-pen handy in case I should need it. LOL!

Anyway, please drop by and meet Nicola and get to know more about her, her works and her influences.  And I'll probably throw in a little about Myself as well if you're interested.  The session is scheduled on Nicola's Site on Friday, March 18, at 6:00 P.M. Central Time.  The link is below, but there's no need to wait until then.  Go ahead and start checking out Nicola now. 

Master Vyle

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