Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hearing Those (Other) Words, "I Read Your Book."

Today I had another one of those little milestones in My fledgling career as a published author.  This morning further magical words, "Hey, I read your book yesterday."  I have to admit I was kind of expecting something to the effect to come sooner or later, because after all Sarah told Me those first words, "I bought your book," a few weeks ago.  I was still slightly caught off guard though, as at that moment it was completely off My radar.  (It's been a crazy week since last Tuesday involving the death of a car, the purchase of two new cars and celebrating the ten year anniversary of meeting the lady vyle, not to mention another massive change in My work schedule).

As a bonus I got My first review of A Day In The Life Of Abagail King on the spot.  I won't go into details and toot My own horn (much), but I will say it was very positive.  I had to laugh when Sarah asked Me what "perkerneck" meant.  She had said she was going to look it up in the Urban Dictionary, but didn't have a chance to.  I assured her that it was not there as it is a 100% Michael C. Laney original, and thus far I have no plans for any other characters than Abagail King using it, though that can always change.

So what should I expect next?

Well, I'm not really looking forward to expecting anything.  With so many of those little milestones an author dreams of coming out of the blue so far I just say let them come, and I have no plans on sitting around on edge waiting for them to happen and being disappointed when they do not.

Though I secretly hope that someone will actually post a review on one of the novels.

Writing is going well on Demoni, and once it is done A Letter To Doctor Freudstein - Demoni - And Ten Poems will be in the can.  Not sure what I will launch into next.  I was thinking maybe I could get a Halloween collection together as well, but with the time I have before the holiday it might be a project to work on for release next year.  Honcho will also be coming in eReader format soon, so lurk for it as well.

Master Vyle

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