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Review: One Buck Horror Volume One from One Buck Horror

A Truly Great Read For Just One Dollar!
Story collections and anthologies.  I've been collecting them since I was in middle school.  Up until now they have all had one thing in common, and that is they are loaded with varied tales: some good, some okay, some excellent, and some downright awful.  It doesn't matter if it is a collection of stories by category like Science Fiction and Horror, or collections of stories by authors like Stephen King, Clive Barker or Poppy Z. Brite, the fact remains that not every single story in a collection is as equally good or bad.  Even if I were to put out one of my own I am sure that readers would not view each story as a masterpiece (or even as a piece).

However, this week I found one story collection that had stories that were all fantastic across the board.  A Horror anthology of five stories, from five different independent authors, presented by One Buck Horror.  One Buck Horror Volume One delivers in a way no other story collection has before in my opinion.  And of course at the price of $1.00, yes truly one buck, it is not a collection to pass over.  Just because the cover price is low does not mean that the quality within is not worth a hell of a lot more.

This is a collection that had me hooked as soon as I started to read the first story.  All five are short and sweet, but each has that style that makes it speak volumes.  Almost all of them reminded me of my own earliest short stories (when I was writing as an assignment, and before I got so long winded).  I loved the nostalgia of getting a good quality story in such a short format, and as a writer reading them helped me to remember to value my own shorter works.  I know this makes the collection itself overall short compared to others, but it's all good quality, I again assure you.  One Buck Horror Volume One is a collection you can easily finish within a few hours, and it will still leave you knowing that you will want to read these stories over, again and again.

Here's a quick look at the stories:

Jenny's House by Ada Hoffmann
This story is an excellent lead in to the collection.  A boy brings something unusual to school for show-and-tell.  It's smelly and slimy and it just may explain why Jenny is not at school.  A five star shorty story from a child's point of view that had me hooked!

A Lullaby For Caliban by Mark Onspaugh
Three boys break into a carnival side show to steal a little something from the freak show as part of an initiation into the Daredevilz.  What they find is something beyond imagination. Another five star effort that had me dying to read on the the next story.

The Last Nephew by Elizabeth Twist
"Nephew" seeks his freedom from "Uncle", a man who took him off the streets but made him do things no boy should.  "Nephew's" predecessors are going to help him escape his torment, and he is going to help them get their revenge on "Uncle".  As a molestation survivor this story really spoke to me, and it is a story that leaves you with much food for thought, and to ponder what comes next.  Again a five star story.

The Cornfield by Mike Trier
Jack hates to cross the cornfield on his way home from his friend's house every time, because he is always afraid that something is going to come out of the neighboring woods and get him.  One night something does, a horror that follows him home, and his life and death struggle leads to a shocking aftermath!  You might guess the ending before you get to it, but nonetheless it is a great story worthy of four and three quarter stars.

The Gingerman by Julie Jansen
Something is not quite right with Mom.  Dad has been really sick, and she swears she is going to make him and everything else better again with a secret dessert recipe from the strange old lady next door.  It may be the weakest story in the collection in my opinion, but it is still worth four solid stars, and I can't wait to see what Julie Jansen, and her fellow contributors to this collection will come out with next.

To learn more about One Buck Horror, and the contributors to One Buck Horror Volume One be sure to visit the One Buck Horror website: .  Or you can follow One Buck Horror on twitter @OneBuckHorror .

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