Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Battle Won, Plagerizer Ana Phylaxis Is One Work Down

This morning I received an e-mail response from reguarding the plagerism of My short story Fungi by "Misstress" Ana Phylaxis, that she used as part of one of many short story collections she was selling through's Kindle device:

Dear Mr. Laney:

Thank you for your message.  Please be advised that we are in the process of removing the following Kindle titles from

"D... E... F... (The A,B,C's of Discipline and Horror) [Kindle Edition]" ASIN: B004G5Z3C0

It typically takes 2-3 days for a listing to disappear once it has been removed from our catalog. We trust this will bring this matter to a close.

Garth Skovgard

Copyright/Trademark Agent

Well that's nice and short and to the point.  I won My first battle against "Misstesss" Ana Phylaxis.  I should be all warm and fuzzy and happy happy right?


That last little line I found a little burny: We trust this will bring this matter to a close.

Oh, so what am I dismissed?  Hey Amazon, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy.  Why don't you kiss Me before you fuck Me?  It goes a lot better that way.

I sent a response to their response:

Dear Copyright Agent Garth Skovgard,

Thank you for your response.  It is good to see that you are removing this work form your site, but what about the other works in this "author's" catalogue.  I am not sure what your policy is on dealing with plagerism, but on the story sites that I submit to if someone is caught plagerizing another work, whether in part or in its entirety, that member has all their works removed from the site and is banned, not just their username but their IP address as well. (No questions asked, no if ands or butts, whether that person has 1000 original stories and 1 instance of plagerism or not).  I and the other authors who this person has plagerized stories from to create "her" works want some kind of assurance that would never willingly do business with this person again.  So if you would be so kind, just what are the consequnces for plagerism on Amazon?  I am sure there must be consequences as both the "author" and Amazon profit from the sales of these works while the real author only gets an e-mail that says, "Oh, sorry about that", and actually it more like, "Oopsie, our bad," because this notice does not even say that.

Michael C. Laney

Okay, I know what you think.  The story collection using your story is being taken down, you should be happy.  Yes I am happy.  It's a battle won, but to admit you've just won a battle only means that you're fighting a bigger war.  I mean is this how you deal with someone who has told you that someone else is making a profit off their work, especially when it is a profit that you're sharing in?  Let's face it, Amazon is not publishing books to Kindle out of the goodness of their hearts.  They get their precentage from books sold through their Kindle devices, of course, and it makes sense because that's good business.

What isn't good business is brushing off the messenger without anything like an apology.  Hello, guess what Amazon, writers like to read.  And, despite the fact that bookstores are closing left and right there are still plenty of sources to acquire reading material other than

I'm proud of the fact that I am a writer.  Despite the fact that I am a true starving artist who has never made a single dime off anything I've written.  I've put hours upon hours writing stories, spent months and years working on stories to get them just right.  I love and cherish each and every one that I have written, and in My book there's no fucking such thing as a throwaway story that its okay from some unimaginative thief to come along and sell for profit.  I would rather be obscure and totally unknown, posting stories on free sites, than to steal someone else's lifeblood to be just as equally unknown and make a few quick bucks.

And yet, here I am, one of few voices yelling at this literary giant, and I'm being told it's going to be taken care of without any sort of apology and pretty much dismissed like I'm their bitch.  Most people expect that from the people they work for, but it just so happens that I am not on's payroll.  It doesn't seem to Me that they care all that much for, or take seriously, the implications of plagerism.

So I suppose for the next few days we can just watch and wait to see whether the "works" of the Great "Misstress" Ana Phylaxis a.k.a Rebecca Geissler a.k.a Rebecca Bick a.k.a. BizzareBettyXXX a.k.a. Thieving Cum Belching Crack Whore Douchenog Condom Recycler, are removed from and their Kindle Store.  I am sure in that time anyone who has ever written anything they do not want stolen and sold to line someone else's pockets will have time to think and wonder what Amazon cares about more: Writers or Profits?


  1. Maybe you need to post a story called "Plagiarist Punished" and see where that takes you. I don't think anyone will complain.

    Take care & good luck.

  2. LOL AFare will save that one in the mental archives of a bizillion and one future story ideas. Thanks again for your support and being on the frontlines of spreading the word about this sneak thief.

    -Master Vyle

  3. Nicola here. I am SO HAPPY that you managed to get the book taken off of Amazon. She had also self-published a book through under the pseudonym of R. T. Geissler. It was on hypnotherapy. I wonder if she plagiarized that work too?

    Like you, I worry about Amazon's stand on all of this. She originally had 7 books for sale through them. 4 out of those 7 have been yanked for copyright infringement. It makes me want to ask them WHY are the other 3 books still there? LuLu yanked her ENTIRE catalog after they were told she had plagiarized one author's stories. What's taking them so long?

    I, too, will be keeping updates on my blog. I hope this woman will eventually be shut down...permanently.


  4. Well Nicola,

    I sent an e-mail to Alex Severin earlier and got a response back, and I assure you we're not the only ones who do not feel all warm and fuzzy over the fact that Amazon is not moving quickly to remove the entire catalogue of a known plagerizer with multiple complaints against them from their site.

    Is Becky Douchedrinker such a hot seller really? Maybe she is since she's not only a plagerizer but also selling porn through Kindle, a violation of Rule #1 of publishing through Kindle. (Bet you're almost wishing whoever screens Kindle publications would get a job as a moderator at some of the sites you've had piddly little content issues with, huh Nic? LOL).

    I was wondering when I wrote this initial post if the bigger war I was referring to was against and not the plagerizers. As I mentioned in the letter I sent back to them you would think they would move a lot quicker considering they (Amazon) are splitting profits with someone they know to be a plagerizer. I also mentioned that the funny thing about writers is that we read. (And incidently we also read between the lines of bare bones e-mails as well).

    I feel pretty sure everyone will see Amazon's true colors within the next few days. Either Total-Ripoff Seuss Geissler disappears from the Kindle Store, or all independent writers learn they have been betrayed by the evil Darth Amazonous.

    In the end I am sure it is going to take independent writers from every field coming across with a unified and clear message, "We Will Not Tolerate Plagerism For Profit."

    -Master Vyle