Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

It's not everyday that I come across something that might be categorized as "erotic romance" that I actually like, even a little bit.  Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre is one of those exceptions, mainly due to the fact that it is an actual story as opposed to a lot of sappy drivel that gives us some hot stud making some hot, yet strong minded and independent, woman turn into a blubbering pile of idiot with his oh so super studly touch.

Their First Night Together is the story of Jared Hill and Natalia Hernandez.  Natalia is a good looking young woman and Jared is a kind of awkward and gangly guy, and the pair become friends shorty after Natalia graduates high school in 1991.  They hang out, talk about the future, and do all the things that best pals do until the summer comes to an end and Natalia leaves NYC to attend college in Florida.  Jared, who is a year younger, still has his last year of high school and his own plans for the future ahead of him.  On the last night before she leaves for school they share a kiss that leaves them wondering, what if?  What would have happened if they had done more?

Eight years later they connect again, and finally get together to put the question to rest.  Sostre gives us a great scene that realistically presents a couple of friends trying to catch up after several years mixed with slight awkwardness and heat.  Then right before the end is a slightly over the top second helping of the type I like and write myself.

This is a great read.  "After Dark" Ray Sostre delivers with his first eReader short story.  It was well paced, and the story itself is cut pretty evenly between the build up, and Natalia and Jared finally "getting together".  There were a few places where he needs to watch his tenses, and more smoothly transition his character points of view, but it is not enough to take too much away from the overall story.  I give Their First Night Together Four Stars.

Ray Sostre has been writing erotica since 2010, and Their First Night Together is his first short story published for eReader formats.  He is the founder of AfterDark Online , his own erotic submission site, and writes his own blog, The AfterDark World, .  You can also follow him on Twitter @afterdarkonline

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